Wii for exercise..or how a crafty-mom can get fit!

Today to start off my morning I decided to finally unwrap the cover on the Wii exercise program my husband got me for...Christmas 2009! Yes, I had asked for it, but then found every reason under the sun to NOT actually DO it! Such is the life of a busy, easily sidetracked mom, but in my aerobically-avoiding defense, I do walk at least 3-5 days per week for 30-45 min. But the Wii console is in the basement, and it was just so much easier to roll out of bed, throw on some workout clothes and walk a dozen steps into our guest room/exercise room vs. go downstairs and set up the Wii.

ANYWAYS, I decided that today was the day to get off my "duff" and make that long trek (2 floors!) down to the basement and fire up the 'ol Wii. After being thoroughly annoyed at having to enter everything but my social security number and child's time of birth and whether the moon was in Jupiter when she was born, they ALSO had the utter nerve to ask for my weight! Which like any self-respecting woman over the age of 20 who has given birth would do.....I lied by 10 pounds....OK 15.

I was somewhat surprised to see that this is basically a kickboxing video/workout program. I tend to get bored with just doing punches after awhile, but dang if I wasn't huffing and puffing just 5 minutes in...the WARMUP! I was a little nervous to see what the actual workout would do to me, but I managed the 20 minutes, and was satisfying drenched in sweat at the end.

While this may not make my "regular" rotation of walking workouts (Leslie Sansone!) I think I will stick it out a couple weeks and see what "new" workouts are unveiled as you progress.

Sigh..I just wish quilting burned as many calories, I would look like Jillian Michaels!

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