F.O.: Charm Pack Christmas Table Runner

Sometimes I just want to piece squares together. Nothing fancy, I just chain piece them together until I'm done. I have a stack of charm packs that serve this purpose well. 

Since I start getting in the Christmas spirit the day after Halloween by playing my Johnny Mathis and Vince Guaraldi playlist, I pulled the Joy by Kate Spain charm pack from the pile:

and whipped up this table runner after sewing 9 patches of the charms and then cutting them in the "Disappearing 9 Patch" style.

Quilting was just a medium-size stipple, backing and binding are old (8-10+ years!) Christmas stash fabric I was happy to use up.

I'd like to say my holiday decorating is done, but I think the kids will expect a tree at some point.

How are you getting into the Spirit of the Season....or are you holding off for as long as possible?



Thursday Thoughts: All About Those Books

Words can't even describe how happy this remix makes me. Honestly, I think it's my favorite thing on the internet in 2014. Hands down, BEST book-related creativity I've seen.

Kudos to these high schoolers! Are you "All About Those Books" like I am?