CGM Podcast Episode #76: That Good Ol' Disney Magic

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Show Notes 

Life Update:

  • Summer has begun! School year finish, dance recital
  • Our Disney 2015 Land and Sea vacation 

 We set sail on the 5 day/4 night Disney Dream.

 Cast off deck party with Disney characters

In the amazing Kids Club

Coffee Break!

 Beautiful sunset from our cabin balcony
    • No one told me about the PINS!!!!

F.O.s and WIPs:
Book Review:
 Armada by Ernest Cline

Thanks for listening!



What I've Been Up To

It's been rather quiet around here, and while I could blame it on general life-craziness I'm more apt to say it's due to my desire to simplify things and that includes doing more on Instagram or Twitter than blog posts. However, I still want to share more pictures and information about what I'm working on and what's making me happy these days. 

I am planning to record a podcast episode this week, and have already queued up several blog posts about sewing, gardening, knitting, and mixed media projects. I have also started video recording some content! However, my tech-challenged self is still figuring out how to edit in iMovie, so those will take a little longer to get up and running. Stay posted though, I am really excited about being able to share stuff via YouTube, via a dedicated CGM channel.

Maddy had her dance recital a few weeks ago, and other than getting to wear makeup and be on stage, her favorite part was getting flowers. She has had such a good experience with dance, and is eager to continue in the Fall. 

I have been bitten by the ATC (artist trading card) bug, and making these little 2.5" x 3.5" works of art every few days. I started out by cutting up a large sheet of mixed media paper then adding acrylic paint for a background. In my job as a book buyer I receive covers of mass market paperbacks, mostly romance novels, that I usually end of throwing in the recycling bin after making a decision on them. It finally occurred to me that I could use the images in my ATCs as a focal point. Here are a few of my first attempts:

I have also been working in my art journal and while I've moved on to watercolor lately, I have also been doing some collage with magazine pages:

I also had the opportunity to test Jennie Pickett's (Clover and Violet patterns) new planner supply case pattern which I will do a review post on soon. I haven't spoken very much about my love for paper planners, but I have used one for years and years. I tried to go the no-paper route, using my Blackberry or iPhone for keeping appointments and to-do lists but it just drove me crazy not to write things down. 

I have a very bad short term memory (it flies out of my head almost as quickly as I hear it) and over the years I have found that the process of writing something down, then seeing it several times, helps me to remember things easily.

Over the last 3-6 months I've noticed an explosion of planners being used, as well as crafters using them as a creative outlet by decorating the pages. I don't like my pages to be too busy, but I am enjoying having a little fun with some of the excess of supplies in my studio. Here's an example of this week's layout in my planner, mainly using scrapbooking rub-ons.

I don't allow myself to spend more than 10-15 minutes on creative planning, because otherwise it will become more about the "artsiness" of it vs. the actual organization and planning. But I am enjoying looking through others' layouts on the #plannerlove and #plannergirl feeds in Instagram.

So that's a little of what I've been up to lately. I'll chat more in the podcast, so stop on by!

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