Solitude Mini Art Quilt

She Embraces Solitude mini art quilt - 8" x 11"

Here's another mini quilt I made recently. I used some Dylusions ink spray on canvas fabric to get a mottled/dyed background. As is often the case when I'm just playing with supplies, I wasn't sure until after it dried where I was going with it. I used a Donna Downey stamp for the face and enhanced it with free motion quilting and black thread.

Then I used a matching blue thread to do a little enhancement quilting around the face and background. I felt the size of this quilt made it closer to the size of an art journal page, so as I often do in my journaling, I added a quote.

One of my favorite things to happen when making these quilts that outline a central figure or image is the quilting lines that show up on the back. 

It's like double the artwork for your effort! Thanks for stopping by.



CGM Podcast Episode #66: Double Down Crafting

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Life Update:
Finished Objects:
  • Rainbow Baktus scarf
  • Moneta dress (Colette patterns)
  • more mini quilts
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Book Review:

 The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell

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